An Open Letter to Speaker Boehner: Let’s Solve Flood Insurance Crisis

Dear Mr. Speaker:

This year, coastal communities are facing a perfect storm: They’re not only weathering a tough economy but also a wave of unprecedented flood insurance rate increases.

While Congress’ 2012 Flood Insurance Reform Act was supposed to deal with funding gaps and still ensure homeowners’ access to affordable flood insurance, issues including FEMA’s poor implementation and inaccurate flood zone maps have resulted in unforeseen price increases that — without Congressional action — will only get worse. I urge you to bring a short-term fix to this crisis to the floor for a vote before the House goes into recess at the end of the week. I also urge you to support action to address the long-term factors that are causing unacceptable increases in flood insurance rates.

 To read the letter written by Rep. Frederica Wilson in full please click here.

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