Belleair Shore

belleairshore1Belleair Shore is, in one word, exclusive. With less than 100 individuals residing in its 55 private homes fronting the Gulf of Mexico, this quaint residential enclave is one of the most desirable beachfront neighborhoods in Florida. It may also be one of the few communities in Florida where all of the westernmost private property lines are designated as the high water mark in the sand.

Situated on the island of Sand Key, Belleair Shore is connected to the mainland via the Belleair Causeway, an outstanding recreational site that attracts wind surfers, swimmers and sunbathers. Shopping, restaurants and other necessities are a short drive away, but here in Belleair Shore, the streetscape is purely residential, and the predominant sound is seabirds calling and the lapping of waves on sand.

Commercial and multi-family high rise buildings are prohibited, and strict set-back and height restrictions are in place to insure the town’s unique ambiance will endure.


Population: 109 according to the 2010 U.S. Census
Land Area: 0.06 Sq. Miles
Points of Interest:
Belleair Causeway, Wind surfering, Swimming and Sunbathing, Shopping, Restaurants, Streetscape is purely residential.

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