Redington Shores

redingtonshores1The island community of Redington Shores offers sunrise views over Boca Ciega Bay to the east and breathtaking sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

Residents live in modern beach homes, luxury condos, or in lovely apartments or cozy cottages on quaint inland streets in an area covering only 200 acres.

redingtonshores2Surrounded with wide sandy beaches, 2,121 residents enjoy a lifestyle understandably focused around the water. In fact, a glimpse of water is literally never far away from just about anyone in Redington Shores, beckoning sunbathers, swimmers and shell-gatherers. The turquoise water is certain to attract boaters and fishermen. The popular Redington Shores Beach Access boasts a successful dune establishment program, where boardwalks protect the seashore grasses and plants that thrive in this delicate ecosystem.

Children gather at the playground in one of three neighborhood parks, all available with an easy stroll from most homes. Anglers fish the coastal waters from one of the city docks.  Neighbors greet each other as they stroll along the beach at sunset. The Lobster Pot, a local landmark, attracts folks from near and far for fantastic seafood meals.


Population: 2,121 according to the 2010 U.S. Census
Land Area: 0.39 Sq. Miles

Points of Interest: Beaches, Sunbathers, Swimmers, Boating Fishing, The Lobster Pot, Parks, City Docks, Three city parks Tennis courts, Boardwalks.