Kenneth City

kennethcity1Located right in the middle of the Pinellas Peninsula, Kenneth City is the smallest municipality in the county. A diverse mix of families, retirees and singles make up the population of 4,980. Named after the community developer’s son, Kenneth City’s land mass is just 0.7 of a sq. mile.

Residents like the central location. Kenneth City is 5 miles from St. Petersburg and 10 miles from Clearwater. The Gulf Beaches are even closer — just a 4 mile drive away.

There are three parks for nature lovers in Kenneth City and seven lakes.

kennethcity2Bedroom Community
Kenneth City is comprised mostly of residents and a few supporting businesses so most people who live there tend to have jobs somewhere else. Many characterize it as a “quiet community,” where local concerns tend to be confined to issues no more controversial than the fate of a herd of Muscovy ducks.


Children in Kenneth City might attend Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary School, or Blanton Elementary School, or Dixie Hollins High School.


Population: 4,980 according to the 2010 U.S. Census
Land Area: 0.71 Sq. Miles

Points of Interest: Centrally Located, 5 miles from St. Petersburg, 10 miles from Clearwater, The Gulf Beaches, City Parks, Fishing.

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