oldsmar1Oldsmar residents can thank founder Ransom E. Olds for the charm of the town with its thoughtfully planned streets fanning out from Shore Drive along Tampa Bay. Hiring engineers and surveyors from Boston, Olds modeled the community after Washington, D.C., with tree-lined boulevards leading from the bay to downtown like spokes of a wheel.

Varied Lifestyles
Oldsmar has changed dramatically in recent years as the older cracker-style homes have given way to luxurious waterfront estates, and former farmland has been developed into master-planned communities with golf, tennis, swimming and other amenities. With the multitude of new neighborhoods, everything from starter-homes to luxury condominiums to executive mansions is available to fit a wide range of budgets and lifestyles.

Natural Beauty
Oldsmar residents take seriously their stewardship of the area’s natural beauty. In 1992, rather than develop the land, nearly 1,700 acres of pine flatwoods, cypress domes and wetlands were set aside for the Brooker Creek Wildlife Preserve. The city maintains an exceptional reclaimed water system as part of its commitment to the environment.

Its location on the Eastern edge of Pinellas County make it a favorite of individuals who want a small town lifestyle, but need to be centrally located between the larger bay area cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater or Tampa. On the weekend, Oldsmar residents might be found hunting bargains or purchasing fresh produce at the Oldsmar Flea market, a local institution, or hiking a nature trail in one of the city’s many parks. Each spring everyone turns out for Oldsmar Days and Nights which for almost 50 years has been the annual celebration of Oldsmar’s history.


Population: 13,591 according to the 2010 U.S. Census
Land Area: 8.92 Sq. Miles

Points of Interest: Master-Planned Communities, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, The Brooker Creek Wildlife Preserve. Small Town Lifestyle, Centrally located between the larger bay area cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater or Tampa. Oldsmar Flea market, Hiking, Nature Trails, Oldsmar Days and Nights.

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