Salvador Dalí Museum

dali_1Melting clock faces. Nightmarish landscapes. Whimsical creatures. Love him or hate him, you can’t be neutral about Dalí.

The city of St. Petersburg scored a phenomenal art coup in the late 1970s when it secured the world’s most comprehensive collection of Dalí outside his native Spain — the 20th Century’s most famous surrealist painter and self-promoter extraordinaire.

dali_2In addition to 96 oil paintings, some over 14 feet tall, the extraordinary collection includes over 100 watercolors and drawings and some 1,300 graphics, photographs, sculptures and objects d’art. To keep the museum fresh for locals who enjoy repeat visits, curators periodically rotate the collection and bring in special exhibitions on a regular basis.

dali_3Since the Salvador Dalí Museum officially opened to the public on March 10, 1982, millions of visitors from around the world have been drawn to this spectacular cultural masterpiece. The Michelin Guide gave the Salvador Dalí Museum the only three-star rating on Florida’s west coast.

The Salvador Dalí Museum is a world-class art gem.  And, it’s only in Pinellas.

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