South Pasadena

The small, quiet community of South Pasadena, nestled between southwest St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach, offers a comfortable setting and ideal location for the many retirees and others who enjoy life in this Florida Gulf coast community.

south_pasadenaThe town of South Pasadena covers just two thirds of a mile, yet supports a population of 4,964 residents according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Mostly because of the large number of high-rises, South Pasadena is one of the more, if not the most, dense city in Florida with more than eighty-five percent of the housing stock is condominiums on the water. In fact, two-thirds of the town is bordered by Boca Ciega Bay.

Made for Retirees
There is a large medical establishment to support the elderly population, from doctors’ offices and walk-in clinics, to the Palms of Pasadena, a 300-bed facility that services the town and nearby beach communities.

Getting Outdoors
Ironically, while being densely populated, South Pasadena also contains four parks. Locals take a great deal of pride in the parks and continually plant them with well-tended trees and plants. Once you see the parks you are left without a doubt that South Pasadena residents really do like their walks with lots of greenery and an occasional piece of exercise equipment.

Neighbors might meet at one of the city tennis courts for a game, or enjoy a cookout at a park. The city hosts a yearly Spring Art Festival, where residents and visitors enjoy the art show and stroll along the main waterfront streets of the town.

For beach lovers, lots of beautiful Gulf Beaches lie but a short drive away. For those more interested in hitting the links, the plethora of golf courses in the surrounding area satisfy even the most avid golfer.

“South Pasadena is a low-key waterfront community – a very nice type of living for senior citizens.” Fred Held, ex-mayor and a 40-year resident.


Population: 4,964 according to the 2010 U.S. Census
Land Area: 0.68 Sq. Miles

Points of Interest: Four Parks. City Tennis Courts, Cookout at a park, Spring Art Festival, Waterfront streets, Gulf Beaches Golf courses.